Electrochemistry Part 3

Electrochemistry Part 3 - J t Jet r e ~ J t' J q J j)...

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( f) Indicate the half reaction that takes place at the cathode. (All) : N';~~) FL{ -7 N~(5) ( . g) Indicatethe hal f reaction thattake'2tf at the anode.(All) _ . (J L5) - ? c l(.tJ t ;:: e I~) I~icate t)hOc;p~t~ r;;equatio: ;g;~ in~htelL ~l~, . . (j (;4f~) e't) '('!J I ,) i) What would you expect to happen to the mass of anode? Explain. (A/2) 1 h e, M~ 5) d F ti ~ all ,
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Unformatted text preview: J t Jet r e ~ J t' J q J j) Briefly explain the function afthe salt bridge. (All) "\ (J' r rr V f 11 t t/l.-( "II ~ J e 0. 1/ J C fA tA · J t t 11lt1 L ~ 014 ;~J t u ~q~~>d • r /J. fJ \1: tJ '{ if k) ~a;~lL10 st~~L~ell pO:~i~~~i,~ ~tr::~ ~r;~~o~L~w-1 zd~·) ~-' ' > (~;~-tLL...
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