Background - Background Quality Metals had a very old...

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Background: Quality Metals had a very old history about 100 years. In the beginning it was a local metals 1 .   SWOT analysis. distributor. Nowadays, it had been a famous national distribution, and had a great of sales which exceeded $750 in 1991. I will give the SWOT analysis and discussing some questions to explain why it can become the leader of the industry. Strengths: 1) Target markets more effectively. 2) Better understanding customers’ needs in different geographic. 3) Develop techniques to increase market shares. 4) The strategy provides the framework for the development of the goal. 5) Excellent products and services, such as clean-room, high quality plastic. 6) The focus which on market is very collect and it can identify its market position very clearly. 7) A wide variety of products and a wide market (globalization). 8) High quality standards of products and production flexibility. Weaknesses: 1) The organization is a little bit complex to control. 2) Because it just focuses on some specialty users, it will lose other customer and reduce the profits. 3) Because of two forms for company, thus, it is very hard to control the whole organization.
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4) The organization structure is very clearly but it’s difficult to communicate between the board and superiors. 5) Rapid development of technology will expense too much cost and reduce the profit of company. Opportunities: 1) The retrenchment can save time and force size in order to improve the quality of the service of the wide product lines and increase profits. 2) Just- in- time inventory management. 3) Better understanding of customers’ needs. 4) Few competitors. 5) Have major quality and productivity improvement program. Threats:
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Background - Background Quality Metals had a very old...

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