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Digestive Review Oral Cavity : Stratified sq; multiple mucous glands and serous tongue – posterior part of tongue contains lingual tonsils and other lymph nodules; papillae: a. filiform which are the most numerous, all over tongue but No taste buds; b. fungiform tend to be towards anterior part, few taste buds; c. circumvallate are few in number 8-12, located in posterior aspect; many taste buds on lateral walls, NOTE: many SEROUS GLANDS drain into the “moat” around the base of these circumvallate papillae; this serous secretion keeps the taste buds clean and this serous fluid also contains lipase which digest triglycerides. This lipase continues to work in stomach. These serous glands are called “von Ebner’s” glands. d. for the purist there is a 4 th class of papillae, foliate papillae, which are rudimentary in humans, but may be found on lateral wall of tongue and they do have taste buds. Pharynx: connects oral cavity to esophagus; st. sq (but pseudostratified ciliated in nasopharynx; palatine tonsils in oral pharynx; also many mucous glands. Esophagus: st. sq.; abrupt change to columnar at cardia of stomach; Submucosa mucous glands in esophagus. There may be cardiac like glands in distal esophagus (like the glands in cardia of stomach) but they would lie in the lamina propria and not in submucosa. Muscularis externa: skeletal in proximal part gradually changing to smooth in distal part. So mid part is mixed smooth and skeletal. No
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Digestive Review - Digestive Review Oral Cavity: Stratified...

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