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1 Final Exam Histology May 10, 2010 I. Multiple Choices 1. I would not expect to find iodinated thyroglobulin in a blood vessel because thyroglobulin a. is filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine b. is degraded by lysosomes within the follicular cells c. never leaves the lumen of the thyroid follicle d. is filtered by the liver and excreted in the bile 2. During the progression of ovarian follicles from the primordial through the secondary follicle stage, all of the following occur EXCEPT a. formation of a fluid filled antrum b. secretion of estrogen c. increase in the number of granulosa cells d. division of a primary oocyte to become a secondary oocyte 3. The perikaryon (cell body) of motor neurons are located in a. dorsal horn of spinal cord b. lateral horn of spinal cord c. ventral horn of spinal cord d. all of the above 4. Identify the correct statement. a. hormones made in the adrenal cortex are peptides b. prolactin and ACTH are made by basophils c. extracellular storage of hormones is characteristic of thyroid d. vasopressin acts as an antagonist to ADH 5. All of the following are true about blood cells EXCEPT a. basophils synthesize major basic protein b. platelets contain serotonin c. platelets are derived from megakaryocytes d. neutrophils are phagocytes 6. All of the following features are shared by the granulosa lutein cells and the adrenal zona fasciculata cells EXCEPT a. extensive SER b. numerous mitochondria c. abundant secretory granules d. accumulation of lipid droplets 7. All of the following characteristics are common to compact and spongy bone EXCEPT a. canaliculi b. osteons (Haversian canals) c. osteocytes in lacunae d. collagen exists un lamellae 8. All the following statements about granulosa cells during follicular growth are true EXCEPT a. secrete estrogen in response to FSH
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2 b. surround a primary oocyte c. increase in number d. give rise to cells of the theca interna 9. Ovulation occurs after a surge in a. estrogen b. LH c. FSH d. progesterone 10. Cardiac and smooth muscle cells have all of the following features in common EXCEPT a. gap junctions b. sarcomeres c. myofilaments d. centrally placed nucleus 11. Which of the following is a major function of keratinized stratified squamous epithelia? a. secretion b. absorption c. transcytosis d. prevent desiccation 12. During a normal menstrual cycle, ovulation at mid-cycle is preceded by each of the following EXCEPT a. luteinization of granulosa and theca interna cells b. in increase in LH from the pituitary gland c. an oocyte completing the first meiotic division d. detachment of an oocyte and the corona radiata from the remainder of the follicular epithelium 13. All of the following are features that reflect the polarization of epithelial cells EXCEPT a. microvilli on the apical surface b. an abundance of SER c. secretory vesicles in the apical end of the cell d. cilia on the apical surface 14. Which of the following is a step in the synthesis of thyroid hormones?
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Final Exam Histology December - 1 Final Exam Histology I...

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