Histology Exam-Noveember 4 - 1 Histology Exam November 4,...

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1 Histology Exam – November 4, 2009 (GI tract, Respiratory, Lymphoid Organs and Immune System, and Vascular system I. True or False 1. Pseudounipolar neurons are found in olfactory epithelium ___ 2. Hepatocytes make complement ___ 3. Surfactant increases surface tension in alveoli ___ 4. The epiglottis has hyaline cartilage ___ 5. The entire respiratory tract is lined by pseudostratified columnar epithelium ___ 6. Hormones made in the intestine include secretin, bile, and gastrin ____ 7. Bronchioles lack any cartilage ___ 8. Cholecystokinin (CCK) is made in the pancreas ____ 9. The innate immune system is nonspecific ___ 10. Clara cells are first encountered in bronchi ___ 11. The central vein of a liver lobule drains into the portal vein ___ 12. One function of the gall bladder is to synthesize organic acids to make bile ___ 13. Pancreatic acinar cells make a bicarbonate rich alkaline solution ____ 14. Type II alveolar cells are capable of division (mitosis) ___ 15. Goblet cells provide a protective barrier for stomach mucosa ___ 16. Trypsinogen is made in gastric glands ___ 17. Granulocytes and macrophages are the cellular elements of the innate immune system ___ 18. T lymphs in the thymus are supported by reticular fibers ___ 19. The gastric glands are in the mucosa ___ 20. The internal elastic lamina (membrane) separates the tunica intima from tunica media ___
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2 21. Parotid gland secretes both mucus and a serous fluid ___ 22. The tunica media is better developed in veins than in comparable size arteries ___ 23. The innate immune system has memory ____ 24. Pericytes are thought to regulate blood flow in the microvascular beds ___ 25. Lymph nodes are secondary lymphoid tissues ___ 26. CD4 cells can activate B lymphocytes ___ 27. Paneth cells are found on intestinal villi ___ 28. Peyer’s patches are common in the jejunum___ 29. The thoracic esophagus lacks a serosa ____ 30. E. coli and Taenia coli are bacteria that inhabit the colon ____ II. Fill in the blanks 1. Both the innate and adaptive immune systems have humoral components. What is the humoral component of the adaptive system? _______________ 2. Name one component of the humoral components in the
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Histology Exam-Noveember 4 - 1 Histology Exam November 4,...

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