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Lymphoid Tissue courtesy M. O'Keefe, MSI, 2008 Lumen present MALT -- Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue No lumen present ILEUM villi present, Peyer’s Patches APPENDIX no villi No external nor internal epithelial surfaces THYMUS Lobular shape with visible cortex and medulla in each lobule; Hassall’s corpuscles; no discernable lymph nodules SPLEEN Presence of red and white pulp
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Unformatted text preview: PALATINE TONSIL Stratified squamous epithelium PHARYNGEAL TONSIL Pseudostratified columnar epithelium LYMPH NODULES Distinct cortex and medullary regions GALT-- Gut-Associated, with luminal epithelium clearly evident TONSIL-- with epithelium lining crypts as well as exterior Capsule present that penetrates to form Capsule present, no lobules...
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