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McCormick 11 8-8 National MOC: McCormick 9a.m. yesterday Alyeska (Ali-es-ka) pipeline SOT: 15 Service Company rushed workers to the NAT SND UNDER scene of a hole discovered in the VOICE OVER Trans-Atlantic Pipeline. The pipeline runs from Prudhoe (Prudo) Bay To Valdez (Val-deez), Alaska. 15 thousand gallons of oil have spilled into a nearby pond 1 mile off of Dalton Highway. Alyeska’s (Ali-es-ka) Vice President of
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Unformatted text preview: Public Relations, Holly Saunders, said that Super: Trans-Atlantic Pipeline the company is not responsible and that it :00-:05 must have been an attack. The company supplies 17 percent of the Nation’s domestic crude oil. Repairs are hopefully to start in 3 days and Oil flow is said to be restored soon after. There are no known suspects in attack....
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