CES2201f10 - EMSE 201 Introduction to Materials Science...

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EMSE 201 — Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering Fall 2010 Case School of Engineering 1 of 2 Case Western Reserve University Materials Selection Assignment 2 The Environmental Impact of Bottled Water 50 points assigned Friday, October 22 due Wednesday, November 10 in class CWRU has named the 2010-2011 academic year “The Year of Water,” to focus on environmental, technical, health and social aspects of water in contemporary society. In recognition of this theme, the Common Reading selected for incoming students was Bottlemania by Elizabeth Royte*, which explores the impact of commercial bottled drinking water on American society. The book raises several issues that are directly and indirectly relevant to this course. Those issues form the basis of this assignment. Unlike the other Materials Selection and homework assignments in this course, each student will be allowed to work alone or with one or two other EMSE 201 students on this assignment. Teams of two or three students should submit one paper for the team, identifying all team members. Also unlike our homework assignments, the questions posed here are open-ended, will require looking in sources other than our textbook, and may not necessarily have single “right” answers. Assertions backed up by reliable sources will earn more credit than qualitative or speculative statements. Properly cite all sources of information. Information submitted without attribution
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CES2201f10 - EMSE 201 Introduction to Materials Science...

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