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EMSE 201 — Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering Fall 2010 Case School of Engineering 1 of 1 Case Western Reserve University Materials Selection Assignment 3 Thermal Stress; Embodied Energy & Recycling 50 points assigned Friday, Nov. 26 due Friday, Dec. 3, 5:00 p.m. to Prof. De Guire For these problems, use the CES EduPack Levels 1 & 2 database and set units to “SI consistent.” 1) All of the expressions for thermal stress presented in this course involved the product of the modulus of elasticity E and the coefficient of linear thermal expansion α L . For this assignment. define the product E L as the thermal stress parameter , TS . a) (8 points) On log-log axes, generate and turn in a bubble plot of L versus E. Click on the “Family envelopes” tool and label all 9 of the families indicated. Add gradient lines that correspond to equal values of TS and justify your choice of slope. b)
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