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CES3201f10 - EMSE 201 Introduction to Materials Science...

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EMSE 201 — Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering Fall 2010 Case School of Engineering 1 of 1 Case Western Reserve University Materials Selection Assignment 3 Thermal Stress; Embodied Energy & Recycling 50 points assigned Friday, Nov. 26 due Friday, Dec. 3, 5:00 p.m. to Prof. De Guire For these problems, use the CES EduPack Levels 1 & 2 database and set units to “SI consistent.” 1) All of the expressions for thermal stress presented in this course involved the product of the modulus of elasticity E and the coefficient of linear thermal expansion α L . For this assignment. define the product E α L as the thermal stress parameter , TS . a) (8 points) On log-log axes, generate and turn in a bubble plot of α L versus E. Click on the “Family envelopes” tool and label all 9 of the families indicated. Add gradient lines that correspond to equal values of TS and justify your choice of slope. b) (6 points) The graph in part a) shows that stiff materials usually exhibit low thermal expansion. In one paragraph,
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