Stuff to know for Test 3

Stuff to know for Test 3 - EMSE 201 Introduction to...

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EMSE 201 – Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering Fall 2010 1 of 3 Stuff to know from the last third of the course Here are the topics covered since the second test that you should find useful for the final exam. Updates from last year’s version are in blue bold italic . As with Tests 1 and 2, you may bring a 1-sided, hand-written, 8.5" × 11" information sheet, a calculator, a straightedge, and of course writing utensils to the third test. Overheads: Environmental Effects on Materials C&R §16.1-16.2; 16.6-16.13 Oxidation and reduction of a metal (overheads pp. 16.4-16.5; eqs. 16.1 and 16.7) Note the pattern of Eqs. 16.10, 16.14, 16.16, and similar “sums,” i.e. how two half reactions add to make a net electrochemical reaction (overheads p. 16.7) The four essential elements of an electrochemical reaction (overheads p. 16. 4 ): 1) something to be oxidized (the anode half-reaction); 2) something to be reduced (the cathode half-reaction); 3) a medium (the electrolyte ) for transport of ions between the cathode and the anode; 4) a path for transport of electrons from the anode to the cathode Preventing or eliminating any one of these steps will stop the electrochemical reaction. How to use values from the standard EMF series (Table 16.1); what the relative positions of two metals in the listing means; compare/contrast to the galvanic series (Table 16.2) (overheads p. 16. 6 ) Net EMF for a reaction (overheads p. 16. 7 ; eqs. 16.16-16.18) Nernst relation (eqs. 16.19 and 16.20) and the concept of a “concentration cell” (overheads p. 16. 9 ) The forms of corrosion
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Stuff to know for Test 3 - EMSE 201 Introduction to...

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