ExpProb_II - IPhO2002 II. OPTICAL BLACK BOX Description In...

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IPhO2002 5 II. OPTICAL BLACK BOX Description In this problem, the students have to identify the unknown optical components inside the cubic box. The box is sealed and has only two narrow openings protected by red plastic covering. The components should be identified by means of optical phenomena observed in the experiment. Ignore the small thickness effect of the plastic covering layer. A line going through the centers of the slits is defined as the axis of the box. Apart from the red plastic coverings, there are three (might be identical or different) elements from the following list: Mirror, either plane or spherical Lens, either positive or negative Transparent plate having parallel flat surfaces (so called plane-parallel plate) Prism Diffraction grating. The transparent components are made of material with a refractive index of 1.47 at the wavelength used. Apparatus available: A laser pointer with a wavelength of 670 nm. CAUTION: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE LASER BEAM. An optical rail A platform for the cube, movable along the optical rail A screen which can be attached to the end of the rail, and detached from it for other measurements. A sheet of graph paper which can be pasted on the screen by cellotape.
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ExpProb_II - IPhO2002 II. OPTICAL BLACK BOX Description In...

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