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Neha Bedi Student Id: 22619445 Tutorial day and time: Monday, 5 pm Tutorial Activities Consider the following two decisions that you may have made over recent times. If you haven’t made the decision yourself, then interview someone who has (or at the very least, “pretend” that you have)! Voting in an election Buying your lunch at uni Answer the following two questions for each decision. 1. List and describe, in detail, at least two factors from each of the following that
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Unformatted text preview: influenced your decisions (see figure 7.2 in your textbook for ideas): • Psychological characteristics (internal) • Personal characteristics (internal) • Cultural characteristics (external) • Social characteristics (external) 2. Describe each stage of the Buyer Decision Process for your decisions (see figure 7.8 in your textbook). How did the process differ between the two decisions? Why were there differences?...
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