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Quitting university, Adam established business called ‘Adam’s Gorge Scrambling Pty Ltd’. Due to poor safety equipment, his customer Carolyn was injured during the trip. The question is whether Adam is liable for damages for breach of any contractual terms. This will depend on the contract between them. To determine for the existence of a contract between Adam and Carolyn, Li Wu, there are several legal points to be considered here. SIGNATURE a) The first issue is whether Carolyn and Li Wu are not bound by their signatures ? If the certificate did not appear to be contractual , Carolyn and Li Wu are not bound by their signatures. The relevant law says that a person is not bound by his or her signature if no reasonable person would have realised the document they signed was a contract as in ‘Le Mans Grand Prix Circuits v Ilidias’. Carolyn and Li Wu signed without reading, supposing it as a Certificate instead of a contract. EXEMPTION CLAUSE
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