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Unformatted text preview: Math 17 TWHFW-7 1 st Sem AY 2011-12 Exercise Set 4 (HW 13) September 18, 2011 Use a separate piece of paper as your answer sheet. Show as complete a solution as you are able to, unless otherwise specified. Remember to box all final answers when solutions are necessary. Remember that calculators are not allowed. Submission is on Tuesday, Sept 20. I. True or False. Write TRUE if the statement is true and FALSE other- wise. Answers only. 1. sin(5) > sin(- 5 π 4 ) 2. If f ( x ) has period P , then a phase shift of P 2 to the right is equiv- alent to a phase shift of P 2 to the left. 3. ∀ α ∈ R , α lies in one of the four quadrants of the Cartesian plane. 4. If f ( x ) = sin ax + sin bx for some non-zero a, b ∈ R , then f ( x ) is odd. 5. tan3 x is 2 π-periodic. II. Find the exact value of the following expressions. Items marked with ( ∗ ) are answers only. 1. ∗ cot 5 π 3 2. ∗ sin parenleftbigg- 2 π 3 parenrightbigg + sec 5 π 6 3....
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