praising my Lord! - Lord Youve kept me safe secured and...

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Faye Estopace English IV 10-Resourcefulness SONNET Praising My Lord! (My love for our Father) I have myself drawn to You oh Father! You are my Friend and my beloved King. A Listener and a forgiving God. You are the Holy and Mighty, dear Lord! Lord, You are the Beginning and the End! My love for You will be everlasting. The same as how much You love me too,
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Unformatted text preview: Lord. Youve kept me safe, secured and contended. Merciful, honest, and forever kind! Thats who You are Father! And always will. I seek for Your guidance and Your loving. You fill my heart with holiness and fear! I fear for I may be misdirected. But, Im putting my trust on You, my Lord!...
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