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KINSHIP LANGUAGE CHARTING “The family is man’s most basic, most vital, and most influential institution. It is the foundation of society, the molder of character and personality, and the mentor of cultural value… It is where he leans the values that will influence his behavior all his life as he deals wit the greater society. And it is where one acquires his self-image and his goals and his ideas of what he himself will someday seek in the way of a spouse and a home.” Holmes 1971:358 The kinship system determines the make-up of the family, how new members join through birth, adoption or marriage, how the children are brought up and how inheritance of property or position is regulated. Charting kinship relations is a first step to learning what is the family, who is in it, how it functions, and how its members are named and referred to . Start by (1) asking your informant about their nuclear family, and limit your discussion to simple terms for father, mother, child, husband, wife. (2) Then learn about several
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