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Health Science Test I Study Guide Fall 2011 Chapter 1: Promoting Healthy Behavior Change 1. Health: Yesterday and Today 2. The Evolution Toward Wellness 3. Healthy People 2010/National Goal: Improving Quality of Life 4. Changing Your Health Behaviors (all subsections) 5. Choosing a Behavior Change Technique (all subsections) Chapter 2: Psychosocial Health 1. What is Psychosocial Health 2. Factors Influencing Psychosocial Health (all sub sections except Life Span and Maturity ) 3. Strategies to Enhance Psychosocial Health
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Does Laughter Enhance Health? 5. Depression in Women 6. Depression in Men 7. Phobic Disorders 8. Suicide: Giving Up on Life (all subsections) Chapter 3: Managing Stress 1. What is Stress? 2. The Body’s Response to Stress (all subsections) 3. Stress and Cardiovascular Disease 4. Stress and Impaired Immunity 5. What Stresses You? (all subsections except Type A and B Personalities and Type C and Type D Personalities ) 6. Managing Your Stress (all subsections)...
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