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The Aborigines - institutions They were taught to be...

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The Aborigines  13:22 1915… 1918… 1929… 1937… January 26,1938 marked 150 years of European occupation  Declare a day of mourning aboriginal progressive association.(1/26/38) Inequality… A day of celebration. 150 years of celebration. For the Europeans… 1948 the common wealth citizenship and nationality  act for the first time gave a  category of  Australian citizenship   1953 aboriginals are made warts of the government ( treated as minors) 1962 common wealth electoral act amended to give them the vote 1909-1969 the forced removal of aboriginal children that is official policy(government,  churches, and welfare bodies) aborigines protection board. ( a government (1909) board  that could take children w/o consent) if you weren’t a full blood aborigine you were suggested to become civilized w/ white  culture 1 of 10 children were taken. Taught to reject their background placed w/ white families or 
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Unformatted text preview: institutions. They were taught to be laborers. White people thought aborigines were inferior to white people estimated 100,000 children were removed from their homes, where kids never saw their parents/siblings again. These children were known as the stolen generation. 1997 – brining them home report found that these children had been abused sexually, physically exploited and became alcohols brining them home report proved that sexual and physical abuse of the children had been common . prime minister John Howard refused to make a national apology. Said that this generation should not be responsible for the mistakes of the past. 1997- passed a motion of regret 2007- the new labor government promises to make an official apology feb. 13,2008 Kevin Rudd issues an official apology to the stolen generation but rules out an official compensation 13:22 13:22...
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The Aborigines - institutions They were taught to be...

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