Blacks in the Arts Midterm Review

Blacks in the Arts Midterm Review - DeBrew And All Mothrs...

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Blacks in the Arts Review Akili Anderson: o Howard Grad o Stained glass window outside of Dean’s Window-Rankin Chapel” o Commemorating the chapel’s long history and consists of 3 panels honoring Howard Thurman, Daniel Hill, and Evans Crawford Romare Bearden: o “Communications” Artist that created the art outside of the Communications building “Dedicated to the Memory of “Ma” Rainey” a classical blues singer. Unveiled in 1980. Elizabeth Catlett: o “Students Aspire.” Outside of the Chemistry building Made possible from Exxon Education Foundation 1977 Richard Hunt, American sculptor o “A Bridge Across and Beyond” outside of Blackburn In honor of his mother, “In Honor of my Mother, Katie May Artis
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Unformatted text preview: DeBrew, And All Mothrs who raise their Children Alone.” o “Freedman’s Column” outside of Cramton Auditorium Dedicated to James E. and Celestine W. Cheek, President and First Lady of Howard from 1969-1989 o “Symbiosis: • Lois Mailou Jones o “AKA Founder’s Window-Rankin Chapel” • James King o “Fortitude”- In honor of founding of Delta Sigma Theta on Jan 13, 1913 and it’s 22 founders • Jacob Lawrence: o “Exploration” Dedicated to Mary McCloud Bethune, Educator, Leader and Presidential Advisor Unveiled December 3, 1980 o “Orgins” Dedicated to Ruby Dee, International Actress, Author/Film&Stage Director Unveiled on November 29, 1984...
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