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Cultural Anthropology Subfield Notes

Cultural Anthropology Subfield Notes - Corporate...

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ANTHROPOLOGY: THE STUDY OF HUMANKIND ACROSS TIME AND SPACE THE FOUR SUBFIELDS SUBFIELDS : BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY ARCHAEOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY ACADEMIC DIMENSION Human paleontology Modern human variability Primatology Prehistoric human societies Historic human societies Contemporary human groups & subgroups Human societies in recent past Historical linguistics Comparative linguistics Descriptive linguistics Sociolinguistics APPLIED DIMENSION Forensics Medical anthropology Cultural resource management Forensics Medical anthropology Urban anthropology Development anthropology
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Unformatted text preview: Corporate anthropology Language and culture Educational anthropology Development anthropology THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE Biocultural: culture and biology are both part of human adaptation; they interact Holistic: different aspects of culture influence each other and all must be considered together Comparative: comparing similarities and differences between cultures helps us understand each culture better Relativistic: cultures should be understood in terms of their own standards and values, not judged by those of our own culture...
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