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cmn105 study guide - General Semantics 1. What is the key...

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General Semantics 1. What is the key approach that General Semantics suggests we all apply in our every day lives and in our everyday conversations? Why? -Critical Thinking is key in Semantics. It is not concerned with grammar, spelling etc, but is with truth, adequacy, and accuracy in lang. When words and things don’t correspond=chaos. When they do=we achieve to our highest capabilities. Its about growth, improvement, true potential, survival! 2. From a General Semantics point of view, what is delusionality? What makes one person more sane than another? -We are all delusional. Our sensory world and symbolic world gets mixed up. The goal of comm is to have our symbolic world align with our sensory world. =more sane. -More sane people Externsionalize. They force themselves out of symbolic world and test things in the real world. 3. What is the key to understanding one another? -Agreement. As long as there is agreement, anything can stand for anything. There does not need to be a connection between symbol and what it symbolizes. 4. Be familiar with the specific examples we discussed from the movies shown in class. -We confuse Judge=Justice. 5. What’s the definition and differences between analytic evidence/truth, contradictory evidence/truth, and synthetic evidence/truth. -Analytic Truth: utterances are true by definition -Contradictory Truth: utterances are NOT true by def (patience, ethical but debar for unethical) -Synthetic Truth: utterances are true or false but verifiable (true empirically) and can be proven in the concrete world. (the beaten woman, pics for prostitute)
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cmn105 study guide - General Semantics 1. What is the key...

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