ENL 3 Final Study Guide

ENL 3 Final Study Guide - -memory is important En media res...

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Unformatted text preview: -memory is important En media res. Lorrie Moore “How: -voice includes vocab that author uses-uses a lot of imperatives-wants high culture man but she is low culture-2 nd person perspective makes us ask about the auditor-irong from before asking what supercilious means-describes her-narrator may be directing guilt or embarrassment on herself of 2 nd person bc she does not want to own up to it Hemingway-hills like white elephants We see only what the guy sees (limited 3 rd person) A conversation abt abortion with a stupid girl who really trusts the bastard A gif that costs more than it give Lessings “our friend Judith”-cat person Refuses to drop her mask (green dress) Disguises Distance herself from actual self with the “mask” Doesn’t name the cat If she cannot live her way then don’t (neuter cat) Friends don’t understand her Sherman alexie: Flight patterns Cab driver was in the ethipian military Main character is William: identifies himself as an American and native American Loving family In the end he calls his wife Ambiguous ending (does he go on plane or home?) Someone thought he was muslim, told him to go back him, he told them YOU FIRST: fear of being profiled Fear for his family bc they are different from other Americans Andrea Barrett-the littoral zone Ruby and jonathan Litorral zone: the space between high and low watermarks where organisms struggled to adapt to the daily rhythm of immersion and exposure Their relationship depends on that setting, that trip, that one brief period of time They can only feel anything for each other if they talk about that setting Out side of that, there is no relationship They hooked up again at the end only bc it was almost the exact same setting as on the island They lost everything (family, jobs) because of the setting Myth: characters use the story to explain where they are now The 3 epochs Kids kept asking what happened at the island. They say you just had to be there We met there they say. Never seen each other before…etc (Norton 202) Tan “a pair of ticket” Girl meets twin half sisters Identity determines place Ethnic cleansing You have to be there to know Narrator born in American Mom had twins in china? And had to leave them bc warMom had twins in china?...
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ENL 3 Final Study Guide - -memory is important En media res...

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