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che118 lab write up - Lab: Examination of Two Component...

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Lab: Examination of Two Component Unknown Alkene, Alkyl Bromide, Alcohol, Containing Mixture Purpose: Integrate my knowledge of physical, chemical and spectroscopic properties of organic compounds. I will gather information concerning the physical and chemical properties of my unknown and combine this with infrared data provided to propose possible structures for the compounds in their mixture. Procedure: Take a unknown (Unknown A) and do following: 1) Look at the Infrared Spectrum. 2) Preliminary Classification: Note the physical characteristics of the unknown. Note the smell, color, etc. 3) Microscale Boiling Point Determination: Using a Thiele Tube apparatus containing silicone oil to determine boiling point. 4) Solubility In Water Test: Place 1 ml of solvent in test tube and drop small amounts of unknown into the solvent. Note if any mixing lines or precipitates. If compound is found if dissolve in water, the pH of the aqueous solution should be estimated with pH paper. 5) Beilstein Test: Bend a small loop in the end of a short length of copper wire. Heat the loop wire in a Bunsen burner flame. After cooling, dip the wire loop into Unknown and watch
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This note was uploaded on 11/10/2011 for the course CHE 118B taught by Professor Nasiri during the Spring '08 term at UC Davis.

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che118 lab write up - Lab: Examination of Two Component...

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