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PSC1 extra credit 1

PSC1 extra credit 1 - PSC1 extra credit TED talks The TED...

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PSC1: extra credit, TED talks The TED talks video "Love & Cheating" is about the evolution, biochemical foundations and social importance of love. The video features anthropologist Helen Fisher and her MRI experiments done on people who are madly in love, people who have accepted their love, and people who were in love but have gotten dumped. To try to understand poetry, Helen Fisher has read a lot of poetry from all over the world. She tells about a Chinese poem about a man who is obsessed and focused on a bamboo sleeping mat that his beloved had rolled out the first time he brought her home. Seeing the bamboo sleeping mat elevates the man's feelings and dopamine levels. According to what we learned in class, this can be a type or conditioned stimulus. This is not classical conditioning, but the poem shows examples of conditioned and unconditioned stimulus. For example, woman is the unconditioned stimulus. The bamboo mat is the conditioned stimulus. The man’s feeling for the woman that comes from seeing the woman and seeing the
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