PSCMT3terms - Schizophrenia will be on exam: not multiple...

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Schizophrenia will be on exam: not multiple personalities Clinical Psychology the treatment of psc disorders treatment approaches basic features: client(person asking for a service) or patient(ill and needs to be made better)?, the therapist is accepted to help the client, establishment of a special relationship b/t client and therapist, theoretical explanation about the causes of the client’s problems. -psychiatrists are doctors (can prescribe meds), psychologists are not doctors, biomedical model psychodynamic cognitive-social humanistic types of treatment insight therapies rely on the idea of client talking to therapist. “talk therapy”. enhance self knowledge. Psychodynamic psychoanalysis: established by freud. Aimed at understanding unconscious conflicts. Assumes that problematic personality and behavior reflect ego’s attempt to resolve conflicts. To discover unresolved unconscious conflicts, use free association (hear stuff that’s coming out and look for clues, projective approach), dream analysis, interpretation (resistance and transference (client projects onto therapist)) client-centered goal: restructure self-concept to better correspond to reality. Thought abt folks are coming to ask for assistance, not to be healed. Client will bring his own tools and ideas. Therapists unconditionally authenticates clients. Safe space setting. 3 essential elements to be successful: therapists need to be genuine, unconditional positive regard, empathy group using the group itself. Share mutual support, coping strategies, therapist steps back and plays settle role in discussion. behavior therapies rely on already learned operant and conditioned behaviors. Seek to change overt behavior problems. Whats the behavior? Lets change it. -some distinct feature of behavior therapies: development of a productive relationship b/t therapist and client. Listing of behaviors and thoughts to be changed. Therapist is like a teacher assistant. Continuous monitoring. systematic desensitization used to reduce clients phobia. Client comes up with a list (most scary encounter with spiders to least scary), therapists puts client through progressive relaxation training(looking at book of spiders), they take the list (desensitization hierarchy) and go though relaxation training and go higher and higher. aversion therapy use classical conditioning to get person to stop. Vomiting, smoking. Very controversial. Social skills training
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PSCMT3terms - Schizophrenia will be on exam: not multiple...

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