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Personality Definition characteristics, emotional responses, thoughts and behaviors that are relatively stable OVER TIME and ACROSS circumstances statistical methods factor analysis list of words, rate how much this trait describes you, a bunch describe you trait approach (5 factor model) Big Five traits OCEAN. Openness to experience (prefer variety, independent), Conscientiousness (very organized vs disorganzed, careful vs careless), Extraversion (social vs retireing, funloving vs sober, affectionate vs reserved), Agreeableness (softheartedness vs ruthless), Neuroticism (worried vs calm, insecure vs secure) perspectives psychoanalytic Sigmund freud interested in whats REALLY going on in the person. Central ideas: different parts of the mind are in constant conflict. You don’t feel this conflict bc most of it goes on in the unconscious. Most of our personality today is formed in our childhood. id, ego, superego Ego : part we can consciously identify ourselves with, reality principle . Ego tries to satisfy both the id and the superego. Makes the decision. Id : unconscious part that contains basic drives, pleasure principal , wants it now Super ego : moral part of the psyche , learned from church, parents, society, etc. , responsible for guilt levels of consciousness repressed drives: when id and superego cant satisfy their drive directly, they may do so in a “disguised way”, Freudian slips: lets meet at sex o clock, Neurosis: mal behavior due to unconscious defense mechanisms denial, repression (forgetting info), projection (im not angry, you are!) , reaction formation (warding off uncomfortable thought by overemphasizing its opposite), rationalization, displacement, sublimation., regression (sleeping with teddy bear for comfort), intellectualization (academic, unemotional study of a topic, studying loneliness and grief) psychosexual stages 0-2: oral stage, getting pleasure by mouth. Sucking, biting, swallowing. TOO much of this=does not stand up for self, NOT eough=aggressive
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PSCMT3terms2 - Personality Definition characteristics...

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