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CMN 141 final study guide

CMN 141 final study guide - CMN 141 Study Guide for the...

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CMN 141 Study Guide for the final Exam Media Effects on Health (just focus on lecture and lecture slide not textbook) What are the key research areas? (Unintended vs. intended effects) either unintentional positive effects on viewers or unintentional negative effects. Ads: focus on health of ind who use the product, Entertainment: powerful effects, News: study impact of news as sources of health info and compare public opinion regarding a health topic to news media coverage of that topic What are the main findings? · Media Messages which are not intentionally designed to influence health 1) What are the unintended effects of Ads (cigarettes, alcohol, and food ads)? 1) Main findings? -Cigs: children smoke cigs after watching stock car racing. Half of them don’t read the warning labels on the tobacco ad. -Alc: alc ads seem to encourage underage drinking. Correlation bt ad exposure and increased comsumption and drunk driving -Food: food ads are + or -. They affect short and long-term food preferences of children. Can be good kelloggs stressed anticancer benefits of high fiber and low fat diet 2) Findings from studies on effects of TV program, film, music on health -entertainment can have powerful effects on health of audience members, suicidal behavior on mass media can have frightening effects -TV: tv world is diff from real world (12% overweight ppl vs. the real 25%). Time spent watching tv is good predictor of adolescent weight problems. Smoking has disappeared from tv and drug use is rarely shown. Tv characters drink more alc than any bev, sex has also increased and few show safe sex -Films: sexually explicit films cause males to be okay with rape. 2/3 childrens animated films show at least 1 character use alc or smoke -Music lyrics and video: emphasize sex and violence. Negative effects on teen health. Diff teens see the videos diff 3) Effects of media coverage 1) Great effects on knowledge about health issues 2) But there are three problems in the news coverage on health issues · Need to understand the problems of news coverage. 1. Victim-Blaming attitude: blame the victim for doing stupid things to get aids, etc 2. Emphasis on reporting health concerns that affect mainstream America 3. Do no offer practical information about symptoms or treatments · Media messages which are intentionally designed to influence health 1) Health Communication Campaign Effects 1) What are the problems of using fear appeal? shows the risks/fear. can be successful but may have unintended negative effects. A combo approach has greater chance of + effects. Consists of a treat + recommended response 2) What is self-efficacy? “can I do the recommended response?” 3) What are the research findings on the effects of negative emotions and self-efficacy
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