ExamTHREESG - CMN 136 Exam#3 Study Guide Lecture Study...

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CMN 136 Exam #3-- Study Guide Lecture Study Questions This study guide is subject to change . All changes will be clarified and discussed during the exam review session. 1. What are some of the key differences between managing and leading? 2. What are the various qualities of a leader? 3. What are Goleman’s six styles of leadership? How do they compare? Which ones are the most effective and why? Which ones affect climate negatively? How many leadership styles does he suggest having? 4. What are the eight roles of a manager and what does each of them do? 5. What are the suggestions given for managing in a learning organization? 6. Why is motivating employees important for managers? What are the key points involved in motivating employees and what are the common motivational factors? 7. What are the five categories of currencies? What are currencies and how do they help with employee motivation? 8. What are the common complaints about meetings? What are the four steps required to run an effective meeting? 9. What are the various roles required to conduct an effective meeting? What are the additional roles discussed? 10. What are “rules of the game?” Why are they important? 11. What is brainstorming? Under what circumstances is it a good technique to use? What are the guidelines for an effective brainstorming session? 12. What is delegating? Why is it important to do? What’s the number one advantage to
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ExamTHREESG - CMN 136 Exam#3 Study Guide Lecture Study...

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