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ASA1 Final Terms - ASA1 Final Terms Women-centered history...

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ASA1 Final Terms: Women-centered history: - women centered is basically history through women's point of view - mary paik book Split household family: -it's product of patriarchal society, where men go out and obtain resources to support the livelihood of the family, while women stay at home cook, clean, look after the young and elderly. - contributed to the imbalanced sex ratio -was an economic strategy to send money back to their home “Paper sons”: - The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 offered one hope: if a Chinese immigrant was related to a citizen in America, he or she would be allowed entrance into the country. The act was the first legislation to limit the immigration of a particular race into the United States and was a response to the economic depression that the country was suffering. The phenomenon of "paper sons" and "paper daughters" began to appear as people falsified papers claiming relations. Brokers provided false papers relating an immigrant to a citizen making them their son on paper . Papers did not come cheap; families often sold their land and spent all of their money in order to send the brightest individuals to the "land of opportunity." One Chinese immigrant explains his involvement in the business of "paper sons": "Instead, we had to go back to the same old thing, 'paper son.' They had to send me over not as my father's own son, but as the son of another cousin from another village." Immigration officials soon caught on and began to use interrogation in order to verify the paper relationships. 2 nd generation dilemma: - 2nd generation: like the japanese nisei, they feel like they are americanized, but still face racism - so they can only take low wage jobs like their parents, and rely on parents for support “Double Victory”: - it brought social and economic change for minorities and women -so at home, america wins the war and asian americans are being accepted in american society -it applies more to chinese, koreans, and Filipinos, not to japanese because they were america's enemy during WW2 -so for chinese, koreans, and filipinos were seen as friendly in american society since they were allies in the war effort -n the impact of this is change in images of asian Americans
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-so WWII vicotry for US, and improvements of status for Chinese(repeal of chinese exclusion act) , Koreans (no idea) and Filipinos (little brown brothers) -from these opium addicts and lustful people to friendly and hard working people
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ASA1 Final Terms - ASA1 Final Terms Women-centered history...

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