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ASA essay2 - Men Versus Women The word Gender is defined by...

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The word “Gender” is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, “the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex (male, female) 1 ”. Throughout history and even today, gender plays an important role in people’s lives. Being either male or female can significantly shape ones life experiences. In Mary Paik Lee’s autobiography, Quiet Odyssey , Lee’s personal experiences give real-life examples of how gender played a role in the lives of Asian Americans in the 1900’s. Lee’s autobiography has an ongoing theme of gender difference, specifically in regards to labor and employment. The differences in work and employment for men versus women are shown numerous times in Lee’s story, beginning to end. At the beginning of autobiography, Lee tells of her grandparents in Korea. Her grandmother enjoys learning, studying and sharing the bible, but her real aspiration is to establish a school for girls in Korea and teach. She convinced mothers that their daughters should be able to obtain knowledge and become educated. Lee’s grandma had the “personality, patience, and perseverance 2 ” and eventually started the school, but it would not have been possible without the influence of her husband, Lee’s grandfather. Lee’s grandfather was very wise scholar and teacher. He was the one who initially taught grandma to read and write, which at the time was a rare luxury for women. It was mainly due to grandpa’s status and influence in the community that made it possible for grandma to start her school. Although grandma had willpower, she could not have started a school or become a teacher without a man’s influence. Women were not expected to do much more than domestic jobs, such as childcare and housework, at the time. They were not given the privilege of
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ASA essay2 - Men Versus Women The word Gender is defined by...

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