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Lab Writeup Example format - Sketchs Sketchs or photos of...

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Lab 1 – Electric Motor Test BRAE 216 Fall 2005 Name_Kerilyn Ambrosini _______ Group #____________________ Date Performed______________ Lab 1 Title: Electric Motor Test 1. Objectives: Build simple series circuit and simple parallel circuit  Analyze circuit with the following: o Digital mulitmeter o Computer-Multisim o Hand calculations 2. Equipment: Digital Multimeter (DMM) Protek 506 and Fluke Breadboard (Protoboard) Wire Resistors Wire strippers Computer with Multisim Paper Pencil Calculator 3. Introduction/Background Breadboard This is a prototyping board, solderless, that lets a person experiment with  wires and their connections without soldering components together. The  breadboard was used to make the circuits in this lab.  4. Procedures and Methods e. S F Kelly 1 CalPoly BRAE
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Lab 1 – Electric Motor Test BRAE 216 Fall 2005 6. Results : Include in the Lab Report when applicable
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Unformatted text preview: Sketchs: Sketchs or photos of the lab setup. Data Tables ( with sample calculations in the appendix). Torque [ft-lbs] RPM Power Output [Hp] Voltage [V] Current [A] Apparent Power [VA] Wattmete r True Power [W] Efficiency [%] Power Factor [%] Plots: Include title and label all axis with units! Questions: Answer any specific questions 1. Calculate the capacitor required to bring the power factor to 0.90 with 0.75 ft lbs torque on the motor . (Show these calculations on a separate sheet.) Discussion Discuss how the efficiency, power factor and speed are affected by the applied load. Which method of power factor correction is more effective? At what load is the motor operating most efficiently? What are the consequences S F Kelly 2 CalPoly BRAE...
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Lab Writeup Example format - Sketchs Sketchs or photos of...

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