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poster for ird - use of students The sizes are small medium...

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Impact Recording Device System  Startup Matt Phillips, Kerilyn Ambrosini, Shelsie Kloepper and Riley Way  Introduction The purpose to set up Cal Poly’s Impact Recording Devices(IRDs) and run tests in the Crops Unit packing line to verify functionality and consistency. The task is to develop a startup guide so that further use of the devices is facilitated . The results show that the devices are consistent and will aid the producer in maximizing quality and minimizing cost. Figure 1. Grapefruit sized IRD Fig. 2 apple sized IRD What is an IRD? IRD stands for Impact Recording Device. It is a device placed in a post-harvest fruit handling line in order to detect impacts that affect the fruit. PCIRD is the computer program that is used to retrieve and analyze the data after the IRD records it. Data is viewable in tables of the impacts recorded in G’s(9.81m/s2) and velocity (m/s2) Cal Poly’s BRAE and Crops Science Department recently purchased three IRDs and the PCIRD program for the
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Unformatted text preview: use of students. The sizes are small, medium and large representing the fruit, respectively, plum, apple and grapefruit Quick Start Guide for Techmark Impact Recording Device Computer: 1. Charge Impact Recording Devices (IRD) 2. Install IRD software on computer 3. Calibrate the IRD by selecting the advanced tab in the Techmark PCIRD software and then the Calibrate File option. Select the serial number that corresponds to the IRD you are using (i.e. 584 corresponds to the largest IRD). 4. Connect the IRD to the computer and click record to begin the process. 5. Disconnect the IRD and run your tests. 6. Reconnect the IRD to the computer and click the retrieve data button. 2 4 6 8 10 12 Time vs. Max G's in Elevator Dryer Impact Point Max G's...
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