SS 121 - Calcium 1 Available form = Ca 2 Function and...

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Calcium 1. Available form = Ca++ 2. Function and example of deficiency symptom: Have 60-70% Ca on CEC and used to build cell walls. An example of deficiency is weak cell walls 3. Explain lime-induced potassium deficiency, and two problems associated with this: Saturate soils with CaCO3 and it takes over on the CEC for K. browned edges of the plant and plant is more susceptible to disease Magnesium 1. Available form = Mg++ 2. Function: it is the center of the chlorophyll and without it photosynthesis can’t happen Ca:Mg Ratio 1. Ideal ratio and percentage of each on Cation Exchange Sites: 5:1 ratio and 60-70% Ca and 10% Mg on CEC 2. If ratio is too low, how do you treat? Add gypsum 3. Critical point for problems in vegetable crops: 3:1 4. Serpentine Ca/Mg ratio: 1:1 Why is it so low? Serpentine is very high in Mg which can replace Ca 5. pH of soil when Ca and Mg become deficient? alkaline 6. 2 Ideal soil conditions for Ca and Mg availability: warm moist soils. A soil that is good for microbes. Sulfur 1. Available form: (SO4)-2 2. What is the concern with anions in the soil, and why? Very mobile can be leached. 3. Briefly describe the Sulfur-cycle Sulfur in organic matter mineralized into SO4 – then it’s immobilized by microbes then they die then back into organic matter. 4. Sources of S-pollution: from auto exhaust, manufacturing and sulfur dioxide into air makes acid rain 5. pH of soil when S becomes deficient, and why? Lower than 6.5 because the Sulfur will leach due to the negative charge 6. Ideal pH for S-availability: 6.5-7 Metal Micronutrients 1. List 5 metal micronutrients and their available forms: Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and Ni all in 2+ cation form 2. Draw a graph showing availability at range of pH 4 7 10 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Al, Fe, Al, Fe, Cu N, K, S, Ca, Mg, P, Fe, Mg, Mo, N,K, S, Ca Mn, Zn Mn, Zn, B Mo, Cu, B, Zn, Mn N,K, S, Ca Mg, Mo, 3. Ideal pH for metal micronutrient availability: lower pH 4
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Chlorine, Boron, Molybdenum 1. Available Forms: anion Cl-, H3BO3(neutral),(MoO4)-3(anion)
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SS 121 - Calcium 1 Available form = Ca 2 Function and...

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