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2011 BRAE 236 HW7

2011 BRAE 236 HW7 - to estimate flow rate clear debris...

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BRAE236 - HW7 Flow Measurement (matching) ___8. Replogle flume ___ 4. Cipolletti weir ___3. Sub merged 0riface ___ 2. Approach Velocity ___5. Velocity head ___ ITRC weir stick ___7. Flow rate ___1. Velocity ___9. Volume ___10. 6. Head a. Weir with trapezoidal shape b. Elevation of water surface from a reference point (such as the crest of a weir) c. ____ = velocity x area d. can be roughly estimated with an orange, tape measure, and stop watch e. Critical flow device with small head loss. The preferred device for canal measurement. (hint - rhymes with Google). f. Can be determined by weighing a quantity of water or using a container with known dimensions (like a 5 -gallon bucket). g. Biggest source of errors with weirs . Can be adjusted by using the “run up” value on a weir stick instead of using a staff gage in a still. h. ____ = V 2 /64.4 i. Equation for flow: Q = C x A x H 0.5 j. simple device used on checks
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Unformatted text preview: to estimate flow rate, clear debris, defend against dogs/rattlesnakes, etc… Efficiency (Multiple Choice) 11. A crop has had 3" of ET since the last irrigation. This depletion is uniform across the whole field. This is an actual field with a real irrigation system in it. The system is SDI (s ubsurface drip irrigation), assum ing no evaporation loss, no spray , nor runoff losses. Exactly 3" is applied to the field. What is the Efficiency? a) 100% b) Less than 100% c) Greater than 100% d) You can't tell, with the information that is given. 12. Which one of the following is impossible to achieve for practical irrigation of a field? a) The Efficiency is greater than the (DU x 100) on the same field b) Underirrigation simultaneously with a high Efficiency c) d) The Efficiency i s greater than 100%. The (DU x 100) is greater than the Efficiency...
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