BRAE236-06 Lab 3 Basic Hydraulics SO 2011

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BRAE 236 - Lab 3 Basic Pipeline Hydraulics Assignment: 1 page, single-spaced (maximum) narrative summary write-up of the lab. Raw notes, figures and calculations must be included as an attachment. Please include photos from the lab in your report. DUE AT BEGINNING OF NEXT LAB. NO LATE REPORTS ACCEPTED. Instructions: 1. Using the PVC pipe and fittings supplied, create a simulated PVC water supply. 2. Pipe and hose length should be at least 100 feet. Run 2 tests. The first with the pipe flat and on the second -- increase in elevation over 10 feet. 3. Follow guidelines on gluing pipe. 4. After assembly, test the pipeline hydraulics using the Wade Rain flow meter or a bucket with a stop watch. 5. Using schrader valves, test the pressure in the assembly. 6. Create a single spreadsheet showing the pressures, flows and elevations measured.
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Unformatted text preview: Questions: 1. What is the difference bewteen Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC pipe? 2. Did your group have any problems with assembly, leaks, etc. 3. What are the precautions mentioned on the glue and primer cans? Are they important? 4. Why do you need to wait before pressurizing pipe after glue has been placed? 5. What is the difference between IPS and PIP pipe? 6. Describe the friction loss characteristics in the pipeline. 7. How did the increase in elevation affect the hydraulics? 8. What happened to the Pd/s for each case? Did it stay constant or drop? 9. If there were a single large sprinkler at the end of the pipe, which case would give the higher flow rate -- the level pipe or the one that increased in elevation? 10. Did you think this was a good "hands-on lab?...
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