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BRAE 236 HW12

BRAE 236 HW12 - most suitable for this application The...

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Dominic Sween BRAE 236 HW12 Given: Same problem as HW 11 Find: From the Internet, find a pump that will work for this application Make sure to include a copy of the pump curve Determine the impeller efficiency, person with the highest efficiency = 2 extra points. Sol: Using the Vaughan E Series Vertical Chopper Pump, it was found that the pump curve B was the
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Unformatted text preview: most suitable for this application. The rated speed for this pump is 2640 RPM and can comfortably function at the given conditions with pump efficiency close to 46%. Using a sample value of 92.5% for the motor efficiency, the overall impeller efficiency increased to about 50%....
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