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BRAE 236 LAB 1 - Dominic Sween BRAE 236 09/27/11 Lab 1...

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Dominic Sween BRAE 236 09/27/11 Lab 1 Write-up During the first lab for BRAE 236, we were able to go out to the Irrigation Practices Field and have some hands on experience with modern day irrigation equipment. We tested drip, furrow, border, and sprinkler irrigation systems. Using simple techniques, we even were able to observe and test things such as flow rate and water infiltration. The first station that we went to was the sprinkler station. We moved three aluminum pipes that were fitted with sprinkler heads into the field and connected them together. We put a fixture on the sprinkler to prevent it from oscillating once the water was flowing in the system. When pressure had built in the system, the sprinklers were expelling the water very well. We first tested the pressure at each of the sprinkler heads to test for uniformity. Each sprinkler had a pressure of 76 lb/in 2 which is a sign of uniformity in the system. Then we tested the flow rate coming out of each of the sprinklers. We performed this by timing how long it would take to fill up a five gallon jug. The equation below was used to calculate the flow rate: Sprinkler 1 2 3 PSI 76 76 76 Flow (GPM) 5.67 2.22 6 Our next stop was the furrow irrigation demonstration area. Water was able to reach more of the furrow in the dammed portion because the dam allowed water to build upwards before moving forwards. We noticed that when the dissipation sock was off, the
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This note was uploaded on 11/13/2011 for the course BRAE 236 taught by Professor Styles during the Fall '08 term at Cal Poly.

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BRAE 236 LAB 1 - Dominic Sween BRAE 236 09/27/11 Lab 1...

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