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Abnormal Psychology MT IV

Abnormal Psychology MT IV - Abnormal Psychology 1...

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Abnormal Psychology 1. Statistical Abnormality: a guy was living in the sewage drains in San Diego, was evicted. a. Issues: if someone is different from the rest, they are trying to give them a fix to make them more normal. b. If anything is outside the norm, it is considered statistically abnormal. c. It really isn’t a sufficient condition for calling someone abnormal. 2. Social Norms: a. Certain things that society will deem abnormal. Being normal would mean that you are social and like to be outside. The man in the drain in SD was socially abnormal. b. These norms are different and change in the passage of time. You can violate a social norm in one area of the world and not in another. c. It is set by the majority but does not pertain to everyone. d. How many people, who gets to determine if someone needs to be fixed. 3. Maladaptive Behavior: a. Egocentric: I’m going to go through my life, go to work and be really unhappy and always feel like I’m missing something, and that I’d be happy if I had something else. Pain or sorrow. b. Anti-social personality people, you are harming or hurting the people around you, you may be happy with that or unhappy with that. 4. Cluster Concept: it is fuzzy whether or not something is abnormal, it really is not completely clear between the three cases. 5. All of us are normal and abnormal when considering all of the above cases. It is a continuum of behaviors, there are no clear boundaries on whether or not you are one or the other.
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