Module 25 Notes Midterm 3

Module 25 Notes Midterm 3 - Module 25 Notes Midterm 3...

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Module 25 Notes Midterm 3 Social Psychology: broad field whose goals are to understand and explain how our thought, feeling, perceptions, and behaviors are influenced by the presence of or interactions with others. Cognitive social Psychology: a subarea of social psychology that focuses on how cognitive processes such as perceiving retrieving and interpreting info about social interactions and events affect emotions and behaviors and how emotions and behaviors affect cognitions. A. Perceiving Others a. Person Perception: seeing someone and then forming impressions and making judgments about that person’s likability and the kind of person he or she is. b. Prejudice: an unfair biased or intolerant attitude toward another group of people. c. Discrimination: specific unfair behaviors exhibited toward members of a group. d. Schemas: mental categories that contain knowledge about people, events, and concepts. They influence bias, and distort our thoughts perceptions and social behaviors. d.i. Person: judgments about the traits that we and others d.ii. Role: jobs people perform or the social positions they hold. d.iii. Event: behaviors that we associate with familiar activities, events, or procedures. d.iv.
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Module 25 Notes Midterm 3 - Module 25 Notes Midterm 3...

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