Module 5 - Module 5 Definitions 1 Transduction when a sense...

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Module 5 Definitions: 1. Transduction: when a sense organ changes physical energy into electrical signals that become neural impulses, for brain processing. 2. Adaptation: the decreasing response of the sense organs the more they are exposed to a continuous level of stimulation. 3. Sensations: meaningless bits of information that come from the brain processing electrical signals from the sense organs. Perceptions: meaningful sensory experiences that result after the brain combines 100’s of sensations. I. Eye: Vision a. Waves are invisible if they are too short or too long. b. Visible Spectrum: a segment of electromagnetic energy that we see because the waves are the right length to stimulate receptors in the eye. c. Structures/Function: c.i. Image is reversed initially in eye c.ii. Cornea: rounded transparent covering over front of eye. As light waves pass through the cornea, it curves and focuses the waves into a narrow beam. c.iii. Pupil: round opening at the front of the eye that allows light waves to pass into the interior. c.iv. Iris: circular muscle that surrounds the pupil and controls the amount of light entering the eye. c.v. Lens: transparent, oval structure that bends the light into an even narrower beam Retina: at the very back of the eye, thin film that contains cells that are extremely sensitive to light: photoreceptors which begin the process of transduction by absorbing light waves. d. The Retina: three layers of cells. Back layer has two kinds of photoreceptors that begin transduction d.i. Front layer: nerve fibers d.ii. Middle layer: ganglion cells, where impulses begin d.iii. Back Layer: rods and cones. d.iv.
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Module 5 - Module 5 Definitions 1 Transduction when a sense...

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