Module 2 Notes PSYCH 201

Module 2 Notes PSYCH 201 - Module 2 Notes PSYCH 201 Intro...

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Module 2 Notes PSYCH 201 Intro ADHD : not diagnosed by an tests but deduced from repeated occurrence of certain behavioral problems (at least 6) such as: easy mistakes in school, won’t follow instructions, and being easily distracted. Symptoms for at least six months or from childhood. - Adderall and Ritalin are commonly used to help people with ADHD to concentrate - Controversy over what the right dosage is for kids FOUR GOALS OF PSHYCH: 1. Describe the symptoms 2. Explain their causes 3. Predict their occurrence 4. Control behavior through some behavioral therapy or drug treatment A. ANSWERING QUESTIONS The Three Research Methods: 1. Survey a. Def: a way to obtain info by asking many individuals either person to person, telephone, or by mail to answer fixed questions about certain subjects. b. Pros: can reach a wide range of people fairly easily. c. Cons: often biased, untruthful responses. d. Are often written to get biased responses e. The person giving the survey can also effect the response. 2. Case Study a. Def: an in-depth analysis of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs experiences, behaviors, or problems of a single person. b. Pros: detailed info, better understanding of subject’s life. c. Cons: offers detailed info about one person, but may not apply to the rest of the population with the problem. d.
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Module 2 Notes PSYCH 201 - Module 2 Notes PSYCH 201 Intro...

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