BRAE 232 Lab 1 Writeup

BRAE 232 Lab 1 Writeup - BRAE 232 Lab 1 Report Dominic...

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BRAE 232 Lab 1 Report Dominic Sween 04/14/11 On Thursday, April 7 th , we visited the Cal Poly Dairy Unit located on the northwest side of campus. During that three-hour period, we were able to get a full tour that provided a great amount of information about a complex agricultural process. I learned that it takes all units working together in order to have a successful and productive agricultural process. Commodity In: One of the parts essential to the entire system as a whole would be the commodity in. The livestock is ultimately what is providing the service that you are selling. It takes careful planning and preparation to be able to handle the requirements of housing these animals. At the Cal Poly Dairy, there were two types of cows for milking. One cow, the Jersey cows, are usually smaller in size, and therefore do not produce as much milk as the Holstein cows. The Holsteins are actually recognized to be the highest production dairy animal today. Although the Holstein cows produce more milk, they generally do not produce as high quality of milk compared to the Jerseys. Because of the size difference between the two animals, they tend to eat a different amount of feed per day. This means that it is important to consider how quickly you can obtain other important commodities for the cows such as food and water. People: The backbone of the entire dairy production system would have to be the workers who give their full effort every day. It is not nearly enough to have a streamlined system if the people who control the entire operation are not working properly. We observed the men
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BRAE 232 Lab 1 Writeup - BRAE 232 Lab 1 Report Dominic...

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