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3. Test Stand: Series Circuit A. No Load : P 1 = 270 PSI P 2 = 180 PSI P 3 = 0 PSI B. Load on Motor B. P 1 = 580 PSI P 2 = 470 PSI P 3 = 0 PSI C. From the data that we collected from the test bench, it is clear to see that a relationship exists between the two loading situations. The value for for the no load situation and loading situation are almost the same. This can be drawn from the fact that the load on motor A remained zero in both tests. Since an increase in load will cause an increase in pressure drop across a given hydraulic motor, it can also be stated that zero increase in load will yield
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Unformatted text preview: approximately zero pressure drop across a hydraulic motor. When examining the values attained for , the two loading situations yielded two very different pressure drops. When oil is returned to the reservoir, the pressure in the hydraulic line is approximately zero PSI. So although there is a load increase on motor B, the pressure remains constant. The reason why the values are different is because the increase in load on motor B caused a greater pressure drop across the two lines connecting B....
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