Revised Dom's Portion of English Report

Revised Dom's Portion of English Report - Introduction...

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Introduction: Welcome and thank you for your purchase of Instant Guitar God! This manual will serve to be a guide for everything Instant Guitar God related. We are pleased that our product will be able to work in ways that you have never truly experienced. Please take your time to thoroughly read through this product guide. This guide has been written for the sole purpose of educating you about IGG. Although the procedures and expected outcomes for IGG may seem basic and irrelevant, we strongly urge you to take a moment out of you day to fully appreciate and understand this product. Supplies/ Materials Needed: Electric or acoustic guitar Glass of any liquid Guitar amplifier Instrument cable (1/4in.) Power source Product Description: Many people have had the desire to learn an instrument, particularly the six-string guitar. In the past many companies have claimed that if you purchase their product, the user will instantly become a guitar god. Previously, these outlandish claims lacked any real results or success. That has all changed now since the inception of a revolutionary product from Blaue Badewanne. We are excited to present to the world, Instant Guitar God. Instant Guitar God is a device that allows almost every person in the world to have the ability to play guitar just like the greats instantly. IGG (Instant Guitar God) works in a way that offers instant results and satisfaction. The science described below proves how Instant Guitar God works in the human body. The Science: IGG works in a way unique to any other product that has ever been released in the realm of instant guitar gimmicks. One of the ingredients in IGG is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide works to expand or dilate the blood vessels in the body. This allows the rest of the elements of IGG to travel faster and come into effect more readily. The destination of IGG is the processing center of the human body, the brain. The more specific areas of the brain that are targeted are the left frontal cortex, motor cortex, right cerebellum, and the hippocampus. These regions include motor control, memory, and hearing ability. What this means is that we are targeting the parts of the brain that are essential for playing music. Reference figure X1. When these areas are contacted by are patented solution, an instantaneous change occurs and the user is at once given the ability to begin playing the guitar like no one has ever before.
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Product Description (Continued): The Advantage: By using IGG, almost anyone is guaranteed to see improvements immediately. Often
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This note was uploaded on 11/13/2011 for the course ENGL 149 taught by Professor Rheingans during the Fall '06 term at Cal Poly.

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Revised Dom's Portion of English Report - Introduction...

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