Energy Cost Efficiency Evaluation

Energy Cost Efficiency Evaluation - energy that he is given...

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Roman Ferro BRAE 236-01 11/30/10 Energy Cost Efficiency Evaluation Initial annual cost of pumping system- $30,113 Cost of improvements: -DU to .95: $1,000/acre x 80acres = $80,000 -Pump: $30,000 -Motor: $5,000 -Switching TOU $300 Total cost of improvements: $115,300 Annual cost of pumping system after improvements- $6,020 Amount saved annually- $24,093 Years to make money back- 5 Making these improvements will allow the farmer to more efficiently use the water and
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Unformatted text preview: energy that he is given. However, it will take the farmer 5 years to make the money back in savings that he had to spend in capital cost. This can be hard to persuade the farmer to see the benefit in the long term. If the farmer does switch, this will not only help him in the long term, but it will benefit others because more energy and water will be available to everyone else....
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