Lab 4- Pump Horsepower and Efficiency

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Roman Ferro BRAE 236 10/20/10 Lab 4- Pump Horsepower and Efficiency In this week’s lab we analyzed a 50hp pump and its different efficiencies at different flow rates and pressures. In order to find the efficiency of the pump at these different flow rates and pressures, we had to first take some measurements. We know that the pump efficiency is equal to the input horsepower divided by the output horsepower (multiplied by 100 to get a percent value). So first we had to make sure that we could find the output horsepower. To find this we used this equation: And we know that Q is the different flow rate we measure and TDH (Total Dynamic Head) is equal to the sum of the lift from the reservoir to the pump, draw down, friction loss, and pump discharge pressure. For this lab, we assumed that energy loss due to friction is negligible and that we don’t have drawdown. We measured the different discharge pressures throughout the lab, so we just had to make sure to measure the total static lift. To do this we measured the total
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