Lab 5 - in measurements. Double Acting Cylinder (Tension)...

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Date: 6 May 2010 To: Dr. Mark Zohns From: Roman Ferro Subject: Lab Activity 5 12 Ton Sears Hydraulic Jack A. B. Plunger Diameter = .43in C. Force(lb) Output(lb) MA 10 4239 423.9 20 8150 407.5 30 11675 389.2 40 16311 407.7 50 22066 441.3 Average Mechanical Advantage = 413:1 D. Main Jack Diameter = 1.726in E. Theoretical Mechanical Advantage = 10257.46psi = 1489.59lb X = 60.39lb This mechanical advantage is less than the value we found in part C most likely due to inaccurate forces applied when measuring. Hydraulic Flume A. Measurements
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Bore = 3in Rod = 1.5in Stroke = 32.125in Average = 4.10in^3/sec B. Hp = 1Hp C. Theoretical Hp The theoretical horse power is greater than the given horsepower due to human error
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Unformatted text preview: in measurements. Double Acting Cylinder (Tension) A.Measurements Rod = 1.25in Bore = 3in B. PSI Force 300 1900 400 2350 500 2880 600 3420 700 3950 800 4400 C.Theoretical Forces Force = pressure*area = Neglecting the weight of the chains affected the results. Blue Ox Log Splitter A.Measurements Bore = 4in Rod = 2in Stroke = 30in = 69.05in^3/sec (Extension) = 51.78in^3/sec (Retraction) B. Horsepower * * C. Log Lifting Crane D. Max Lifting = 958lb E. Max Pressure = 1500psi F. Theoretical Cylinder Pressure Theoretically it should require less pressure. This is due to losses in friction....
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Lab 5 - in measurements. Double Acting Cylinder (Tension)...

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