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Lab 8 Titration - Chem 125 Winter 2011 Name Roman Ferro and...

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Chem 125 Winter 2011 Dr. Nguyen Name: Roman Ferro and Kwaku Farkye Lab Day & Time : Wed 5pm Acid-Base Chemistry: Titrations Lab Report Due: By the end of lab for Wednesday evening lab; by the beginning of lecture on Wednesday 3/9/11 for Monday evening lab. Each GROUP is to submit a GROUP report this week. PLEASE work on this together, don’t let one person do all the work. Part 1A: Titration of Strong Acid with Strong Base Formula of Acid: HCl Concentration of Acid: 0.10M Formula of Base: NaOH Concentration of Base: 0.05M 1. In the space below, write the balanced chemical equation (including states of matter) for this reaction. HCl(aq) + NaOH(l) -> NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) 2. In the space below, calculate the volume of base required to reach the equivalence point of this titration. Remember that you used 3.0 mL of acid in this titration. M1V1=M2V2 V2=(.1Mx5ml)/.05M = 10mL (5mL was accidently used instead of 3mL) 3. At the equivalence point, is the solution expected to be (circle one): acidic basic neutral In the space below, explain your reasoning. The solution is expected to be neutral at the equivalence point because we are mixing a strong acid with a strong base, which should yield a neutral solution. 4. What is the exact pH of your solution at the equivalence point? 8.34 In the space below, show or explain how you determined your pH at the equivalence point. In order to calculate the exact value of the equivalence point, we made a graph of the derivative of ph from the ph vs. time graph from our procedure. The peak of this graph represented equivalence point of our reaction.
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