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Anthony Atchley 3 December 2008 BRAE 133 Course Summary Essay The ability to accurately project the ideas from one’s mind onto paper which can be read by others and turned into reality is a very important aspect to have in the world. In BRAE 133 the ability to properly create visual representations of real life objects on paper was successfully grasped by myself and applied to my career. In engineering it is very important to have the ability to design objects to scale on paper before any physical work is done. The design must be able to be accurate and effective enough so that others may read it and use it to create and construct. I was amazed that by using simple techniques such as tangent lines and angles things can be perfectly drawn on paper with ease. With much work and practice anything can be done from straight lines to extremely complicated drawings of complex objects. By knowing angles
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Unformatted text preview: and trigonometric fundamentals anything can be done, and the unknown can be figured out. The 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 degree triangles, the compass and the proper scales can be used for all applications of drafting and I learned that these few basic tools can accomplish anything. The ability to turn two dimensional orthographic objects into three dimensional isometric shapes is an amazing ability because it is limitless in possibilities. I learned that it is important to know how to know how to draw ideas and transfer them from the mind to paper. As technology increases it is more and more likely that traditional methods will be lost and computer generated graphics will take its place. The concepts of this course give a good understanding of what traditional methods exist and how the modern technologies are derived from basic tools which have been used for centuries. Word Count: 306...
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