World Essay Assignment

World Essay Assignment - The World & All That's In It...

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Geographically speaking, some countries are better off than others because of varying physical characteristics in different areas of the world. For example, climate is a very influential factor in the development of a country. Water resources are another factor that can either make or break a country developmentally. Also, natural disasters are a serious factor to consider as they can cause catastrophic amounts of damage to areas that are prone to them. Water resources are a crucial geographical factor to the development of a country for several reasons. One reason is that water is required for agriculture and a source needs to be relatively close by in order for it to be used. In areas like the desert, there are very few sources of water and, as a result, very little agriculture is produced. Sanitary water is also necessary to the lives of every citizen in a country and must be distributed somehow to the areas in which a country is populated. If, geographically, a country has
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World Essay Assignment - The World & All That's In It...

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